Meet Bright Okongwu- Nigerian 13 Year Old Who's Already 6 foot 10

 Remember that 5 year old Indian boy who was already 5 foot 7" tall? (READ: See This Indian 5yr Old Who Is Already 5ft 7! )
Bright Okongwu is a seventh grader  at Calvary Christian in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.   "He came over to the United States in July and it was just remarkable 6-foot-10, 250 pounds at 12 years old," Calvary Christian boys basketball coach Cilk McSweeney told MaxPreps.
While he is still a very rough prospect, Okongwu is hard to miss; he's 6-foot-10 and 113.39kgs, and he just turned 13 this fall.
   Bright Okongwu is is receiving plenty of early attention despite being only 13-years-old.
his middle school stats haven't been made public, and the video of his skills are still fairly scarce, Okongwu's coach said he should be a major factor for
Calvary Christian as soon as he becomes eligible to compete for his squad.
It feels strange talking about the Class of 2021, probably because we just entered 2016. If you can look beyond that sticker shock moment, then take stock of young Bright Okongwu for a moment, because he looks like a pretty special player.
"The way he moves and runs the floor, his touch, it's unteachable. I'm excited about the next six years."  Cilk McSweeney told MaxPreps

"With his size at this young age, you look at Shaq and all these other guys that were his size. But the way he runs the floor and his hands, he's probably going to be one of a kind if he keeps working."
Will Okongwu be able to achieve similar success against top competition? That remains to be seen, though Okongwu is openly making it his goal to finish as the top player in America by the time he chooses a college in 2021. The good news is that he's got five more years to get there.


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